Greenville, SC

Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
Area Instruments

The following are a survey of instruments in the Greenville, SC area.
We know the list is incomplete - please help us improve it!

Bob Jones University
Rodeheaver Auditorium
1968 W. Zimmer
2004 Cornell Zimmer Opus 79
III/57 history
Bob Jones University
War Memorial Chapel
1981/1988 Wicks II/19 spec
Bob Jones University
Fine Arts Center
1983 Zimmer II/11 spec
Buncombe Street Methodist Church
Buncombe Street Methodist Church
2011 Austin Opus 2428-R III/50 builder
Buncombe Street Methodist Church
Trinity campus (formerly Trinity UMC)
1983 Schantz /31
Christ Church, Episcopal 2001 Goulding and Wood Opus 35
Cornel Zimmer Opus 146
IV/67 GW, CZ
Daniel Memorial Chapel, Furman University 2003 C. B. Fisk III/54 builder
First Baptist Church 1984 Casavant Frères IV/87 OHS
First Presbyterian Church
March 4, 1988 dedication program
1987 Casavant Frères III/60 OHS
First Presbyterian Church, Greenwood 2003 Goulding & Wood III/58 spec
Fourth Presbyterian Church Schantz II
John Knox Presbyterian Church Holtkamp Opus 2067 III/46 spec, TAO
Lee Road United Methodist Church Rodgers Trillium 928 III
Lutheran Church of Our Saviour 2019 Rodgers Infinity 484 IV spec
Our Lady of the Rosary 1998 Wicks II/26
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 2018 Hinners/Farmer II/15 spec
St. James Episcopal Church 2007 Gober II/28 spec
St. Matthew United Methodist Church 1969 Austin Opus 2508 III/31 spec
St. Michael Lutheran Church 1992 Reuter II/18 spec
Second Presbyterian Church Möller II
Trinity Lutheran Church 1989 Steiner II/26
Westminster Presbyterian Church 1963/2009 Holtkamp III/42 spec

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